Improve customer service with a VoIP Solution

Improve customer service with a VoIP Solution

Help customers find who they’re looking for, with custom greetings and a call directory. Call monitoring helps you continually improve the customer experience. Wireless City offers Business VoIP Phone Solutions to entrepreneurs and small businesses in Alberta and all Canada.

Other Benefits of a VoIP Phone System

Do business anywhere by operating in multiple locations
Answer every call by giving customers a single local and toll-free number to reach you
Easy to set up and easy to manage, change your service as your business grows
Keep costs down with a low upfront investment
Boost your local market presence with access to local phone numbers and a toll-free number that makes it easy for customers nationwide to reach you.

For more information about our VoIP Phone Solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses, please contact us by email at, call us now at 1-800-432-9556 or request more information online here:

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